Kristi for Irving

Kristi for Irving




Wow! What an amazing several months we have had!

I may not be the Mayor of Irving, but Irving has great things in store for her! I am here to STAY and I am here to fight for the citizens! We can not give up! Just means we need to work harder and watch city hall like a hawk!

The support and love we've felt over the last few months has been amazing!

A HUGE shout out to ALL my supporters and new friends from this adventure!

I called Rick to congratulate him and let him know we will continue praying for him! Please join me in prayers for the future of Irving!!

I LOVE you all!!

Kristi Pena
May 6, 2017

It's time for a new generation of leaders to propel Irving into the future.  We need to maintain the gains of Economic Growth and Transparency made through Mayor Beth Van Duyne and increase them. 
I pledge to always uphold the Constitution and put Irving's needs and the needs of each individual citizen first.  As a lifelong resident of South Irving, I'm looking forward to serving as Irving's next mayor.


· Graduate of Nimitz High School

· North Lake College with concentration in Religion and Psychology

· Tarrant County Community College with concentration in Applied Sciences

· Graduated Dental Assistant School

· Elected President of Nimitz PTA

· Elected Treasurer of Nimitz Booster Club

· Appointed by the IISD as Chairman of the District Improvement Committee (DIC)

· Appointed by the IISD to the District Improvement Committee (DIC)

· Appointed by the IISD to the Strategic Improvement Committee

· Appointed by school to the Campus Improvement Committee (CIC)

· Honored by IISD and Nimitz with a lifetime membership in the PTA

· Volunteered as soccer coach for the Irving YMCA and Irving Soccer Association

· Volunteered as coach for the Irving Girls Cheerleader Association

· Volunteered for numerous political campaigns, both local and state (2010 - present)

· Served on Steering Committee for Council Elections

· Missionary Leadership Training and Experience

· Office Manager and Dental Assistant for 10 years

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