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About Kristi


She’s here…

She’s been here…

She’s going to stay here…

That’s speaking of only Kristi Pena, of course, certainly not any of the other Mayoral Candidates. Kristi Pena's heart is in Irving and has been since she was born. A consummate volunteer, Kristi Pena is known all over Irving for her HARD WORK and WILL TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.








Kristi Pena is ENTREPRENEURIAL proven by the fact a few months ago she started her own business because she needed something to occupy her. She zoomed up the ladder so quickly that she found herself in Las Vegas in only a month at a Leadership conference. Yes, Kristi Pena is a leader. And we need a leader, an affable, KNOWLEDGEABLE LEADER as our Mayor.

Much of Kristi Pena's life can be tied to the City. Irving. Born here. Stayed here. Loved here. Worked here. The epitome of an Irving citizen, she is you, the taxpayer. She knows your problems and foremost, she CARES ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. She will work and worry for you.

Kristi Pena graduated from Nimitz High School in 1993 and went seeking on a mission trip that took her first to Portland, Oregon where she traveled the Northwest doing mission work. Youth with a Mission soon knew they had a good thing and sent her packing to Brazil to roam the countryside spreading the Good News, getting a SOLID CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION.

Leaving mission work, she arrived back in town, decided to start a family and enrolled in dental assistant school. She finished at the top of her class and went to work in the practice of her teacher…yes, she was that good. She always EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. He knew what he was getting, for soon thereafter, with Kristi Pena's help, the practice exploded with Kristi as TEAM LEADER. Did I mention that she is a team leader? During her 10 years in the dental business, she found herself a sole breadwinner and a SINGLE MOM, but she continued on. She also enrolled in college courses while working and taking care of her kiddos.

Happy with her life, she was taken by surprise when her now husband came into her life and she found herself with three additional step children, but not enough time now for her job. She ADAPTED. That is another thing she does well. Now she started down the road that she has been on ever since – THE ROAD OF VOLUNTEERING with the schools, the city, non-profits, school administration, and various individuals needing care. It was during these years that she became interested in politics.

Kristi Pena is the ultimate POLITICAL JUNKIE. She loves Irving and its politics, warts and all. Every other Wednesday you can find Kristi Pena watching in person or sitting with friends at home, watching a work session. On Thursdays, she is often at the meetings to listen, to talk and to learn. She is seeking the office of Mayor because she has the time, certainly, has the knowledge of Irving and believes that she is the person that has the most invested in helping Irving continue down the path of prosperity.



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