Kristi for Irving

Endorsements of Kristi Pena for Mayor


Morgan McComb: I would like to formally endorse Kristi Weaver Pena for Mayor of Irving, Tx. She is and always has been one of the biggest hearts in Irving. Helping everyone she can through triumphs and tragedies. She knows the people and the issues. Her roots run deep in the city she loves so much! There is no better candidate! Thank You for stepping up! She is worthy of your vote!!!

Beverly Diaz: I would like to go on record to endorse Kristie Peña for mayor of Irving. She has volunteered hours that she didn’t have to give.  I have seen Kristi find a positive in situations when it seemed there was no positive to be found. She's the kind of person that can see the flowers through the weeds. We need someone with strength and compassion and sheer willpower to run a city of this size. I I publicly endorse Kristi Peña for Mayor.

Bobbie Randle: A great friend. When everyone else is walking out, Kristi Pena is walking in. She will be your friend too. Vote Kristi.

Cherrie Lamon: Go Team Kristi!

Robert Lamon: Never quit fighting for Irving.

Scott Hardesty: I am very proud of my daughter. She'll be great for Irving!

Responsible with taxpayer's money. Irving is her priority.

Jacqualea Cooley: I can think of none better than Kristi that I would select to be my Mayor!


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